Minkz Ngo
12215 Santa Teresa Drive
San Ramon, California 94583
(415) 640-7488

# Profile

As the Build Engineer on numerous AAA game titles, I architected, developed, automated, and managed complete build systems and their release cycles. I have over 17 years of experience in the games industry working with small and large teams and understand the development cycle. I have strong scripting skills and enjoy the excitement and challenge of quickly learning and utilizing new technologies to make AAA games. My goals include creating, automating, and improving processes and practices to boost the efficiency, quality, and creativity of the development team.

# Experience

> Lead Build Engineer, Configuration Management ( Maxis / Visceral / Electronic Arts, 03-2006 to present )

Currently the Lead for the The Sims 4 configuration management team and have supported the team since preproduction to post-launch DLC development. Developed the entire build process while working closely with Engineers and Technical Directors with the goal of creating a reliable and repeatable system that is easy to surface and determine failures. My experience allows me to consider and determine solutions while quickly being able to learn new technologies that may benefit development. Past game titles include: The Sims 4 (PC/Console), Dead Space and Dead Space 2, Ultima Online, Lord Of The Rings, The Sims Online, MySims, The Godfather and The Godfather 2, The Sims 3 console.

  • Developed automated version controlled build processes using Jenkins and BuildForge; incremental, clean, full
  • Scripted code builds and asset builds predominantly through a library of Python scripts
  • Authored scripts to deliver software to Development, QA, and Production desktops
  • Acted as the primary contact for triage of any build, deployment, testing failures
  • Perform branch integrations within version control
  • Created web based reporting tools; dashboard
  • Worked in a live online server environment
  • Experienced in creation and submission of titles for certification (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo)
  • Worked in an agile development environment
  • > Quality Assurance Engineer - Automated Testing ( Electronic Arts, 03-2002 to 03-2006 )

    As a QA Engineer on the The Sims Online, I was responsible for the scripting of all our automated test suites, smoke tests, and regression tests. Scripts required problem solving skills to synchronize events across multiple clients on a client and server game. Automated tests saved time and manpower to catch bugs early in the daily build cycle.

  • Test script authoring
  • Autotest system management
  • Work closely with QA and Engineering to provide useful results
  • > Quality Assurance Engineer ( Netcentives, 05-2000 to 08-2001 )

    Netcentives/ClickMiles was a miles rewards program website. Duties consisted of planning a complete client integration test of the software suite. This required working with multiple QA teams, Database Administrators, and Configuration Management. Other QA work consisted of webpage QA and Java testing.

  • Java web-api servlet testing using HTML forms and integrated system testing
  • Manual webpage release QA
  • Test plan/case writing and execution
  • > Quality Assurance Tester ( Maxis / Electronic Arts, 06-1998 to 05-2000 )

    I was part of the web site and web games QA for the EA.com website. I was also a manual game tester using black box testing to discover bugs on shipped console and PC games: MotoRacer 2, SimCity 3000, CyberTiger golf.

  • Find and report bugs
  • Test plan writing and execution; regression testing
  • # Skills

    Build Environments -- Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
    Build Platforms -- Windows, Linux, Playstation, Xbox, Wii, iOS
    Languages -- Strong Python and shell scripting; Familiar with Perl, PHP, C#, Java, MySQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript
    Technologies -- Perforce, Jenkins, Chef, Docker, VMWare, DevTrack, cygwin, Reviewboard, Visual Studio

    # Random

    - My favorite games are FPS (Apex, Overwatch, Counter-Strike), Puzzle Adventure (Last Guardian, Journey, Sam and Max)
    - I enjoy competitive sport (basketball, soccer, softball, golf, chess)
    - I have several web-based projects: automated sport betting bot, golf tournament score keeper, team roster management

    # References

    Available upon request